Invictus, with the CX series, offers a first “summa” of the winning elements that made the young Italian brand successful: attention to detail, striving for total performance and absolute beauty. Faithful to its founding values, Invictus elaborates the performing hulls of the “X” range, equipping them with a living area that is obtained in the center of the boat and, important innovation, by creating a new space, below the deck, which houses a real cabin.

From the “X” range, of which the new series will present the same dimensional and performance characteristics, it’s also derived stylistic similarities for the piloting console, mostly for the vertical shape that allows a particularly precise guidance, thanks to the setting ergonomic studied carefully. The CX series again reinvents the way to live the sea according to Invictus, through smart management of the onboard spaces, which become convivial places and are designed to offer maximum comfort and state of the art in terms of equipment and quality. The color and material choices are designed to get the most formal and aesthetic balance, and without affecting the unique and recognizable character sought by anyone who wants the pride of owning a Invictus CX. Do not miss the opportunity to customize your own boat by choosing other finishes and colors by the Atelier Invictus.