SX series makes the perfect choice for an eclectic owner, someone who loves water sports as well as pure relaxing moments on the sea, wishing a boat sharing same versatility: performing, comfortable and gorgeous. This is the concept from where the SX was born, an hybrid of sport and elegance, marrying the luxury equipment of the GT series to the sporty soul of the FX one. Ideal vessels for the ones who share a new boating with family and friends, thanks to the careful design of the deck and the rich and innovative details , as the wide coaming board, offering an additional safety and comfort onboard. Inboard propulsion is in common for every model of the range, it guarantees comfort, quiet and great usage of the aft area. The standard equipment choice is wide, with additional customization through color selection, finishing and accessories, including a set of custom designed luggage pieces, making this series a new masterpiece of Italian style and quality.